The Promise of Emptiness wins Honorable Mention in 2023!

Proud to announce that this book has garnered Honorable Mention award in the ´23 Los Angeles Festival of Books competition Religion/Spirituality category!!!                         

The previous two books written were started under the working title umbrella of Surfing the Timeless Wave and this latest book endeavor, now entitled, The Promise of Emptiness seemed to languish for some number of years without the leadership vision that a new working title provides. Among other reasons, whenever I would broach the topic of writing another book, my meditation helper, Mr YH Kim would say, You shouldnt write anything more until you understand fully, and then you should write from that levelwithout using any effortit should then essentially write itself from a stream of consciousness-like free-flowing of effortless creativity . . . .” “OK,I would say, that sounds easy enough, whenever I get to complete and total understandingI will endeavor to write from it. . . .And so I continued to explore the various sign poststhat he had pointed to over the now twenty-two years of reflecting on his guidances, chiefly revolving around understanding that the deep connection to the most basic present momentis the just the entry level doorway to that so-called mode of higher level understandingfrom which then all-seeing knowledge would flow in abundant expression of Ultimate Creativity.  Enjoy.

tPoE Samples

[pg 16]:  Our thinking, or rather our excessive reliance on the thinking processes, cuts into and divides the cosmic fabric of Life into numerous distinctive pieces, so it cant actually be relied upon to comprehend the wholeness or fullness of Life. The wholeness of Life can include within it, the multiplicities of thinking, as it does include All things, but Life is not encompassed by or actually held with our thinkingin spite of our thinking telling us that it is the best wayto higher levels of understanding. Thinking just begats only more thinking,and so it is that we then endlessly react to our individual thought projections that are reflecting back to us via the disparate mirror-world . . . . We are often overresponding to our interpretations of the quick impressions garnered from that robotic I-amself-channel timeline, then adding to that the many other thought timelines that are collectively being spun out from the other, almost infinite number of chaotic human consciousnesses hard at work in the planets biosphere, thusly inter-generating the further crises that are manifesting now in the world.

[pg 20]:  The message from our planetary home is telling us that we have to begin with a basic recognition of the what is problem area, before we can ever begin to hope for anything that is beyond this experience/sensation layer, and that specifically means we have to address our base problem, i.e., the collective crisis in consciousness manifesting every day in each of our lives. The increased level of static emitting from our daily lives has been amplified by the sheer numbers of humans, as well as through the repetition of it, and that static is projected outwards into the universal Creative Peace and it “karmically” returns as to us as attachment-like “stickiness.” We could begin to see the significance of our problem(s) and take steps to breakthrough and resolve that distortion process—but only if we wish to continue to survive in our biospheric niche and so to share the great gifts that it has provided to all of the living here on the planet.

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People have likely been meditating on this planet for as long as there have been people. But what exactly is meditation and why do we do it? As it is now meditation is mostly seen as an action to do; also it has become something to be practiced apart from our daily life, in temples, churches, or even as social activity. Was there ever a time in which our life and the meditation were seamlessly integrated? Does the activity of meditation have any place in our search for the timeless creative energy that we all come from?

Over the millennia a great deal has already been said about the practice of spirituality and still our understanding about it and even our place in Existence are at best not clear. Many people have devoted their lives to the search for enlightenment and the development of practices and methods for attaining and holding a spiritual state; yet much remains undone and the general state of mankind lingers in what could be called a choice for suffering, rather than a choice for Joy . . . let alone, Freedom.

Sample Chapter as revised in ’12/’13:

23). April 20,’01 residence#2 w/YHK & ?: “I know I am suffering” is different than, “I am suffering;” in the former statement the attention energy is on awareness.

Understanding that this (the phenomenon level) is partial truth is a different structure than thinking it is the whole. To know that (he lifts his styro coffee cup) “cup is cup,” and not all, etc, is clearly seeing what is, etc–it is to know that we make it small and tight with our interpretation/translation/definition(s). By thinking the thought of, e.g., “I am here,” I take energy from the whole, and make it small. Awareness does not mean phenomenon stops–it all continues–we are then just aware that illusion is illusion, dream is dream. Awareness means that phenomenon continues, but our unconscious dreaming/sleeping ends. Everything is in perfect order, we simply need awareness to see that–not as an infobit fact, but as understanding which in turn brings knowledge. Our usual attitude is that we think our daily life is our entire Existence but it is just a part, not the whole. Because we put all our energy into the small or partial truth of daily “reality” we don’t see beyond that to the whole Truth of Existence. Awareness is so we don’t put all of our energy into phenomenon.

Devotion is no, “I.” Deep rest is prayer. First, deep rest/silence, then second, Gratitude, then third, we can say, “Thank you” and mean it.

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What is real action? This question originally asked by J. Krishnamurti is one that deserves some deep consideration since Life is in constant movement. It is important to ponder exactly what constitutes action in the field of reality as opposed to a life lived simply by going through the motions as predestined by our genetic coding. Generally we think that anything that the mind-body does in space and time is “real,” therefore anything that is “unconscious” or unknown is not real for us. We see our psycho-somatic movements (what might be said to be “confirmable” or “repeatable”) in the world as our reality, but experiences of the so-called “spiritual” world, as “not really real.” How that idea of reality translates into our daily living is that expending either physical (or mental) energy is understood as “real” action and therefore anything of value will only come from effort in Herculean proportion to the expectation of return. This view is derived from the mentality of business and that mindset is applied into all aspects of our life as a gauge to what constitutes a valuable life experience or action.

sample chapter:

37). January 3, ‘05 (residence #4)(group):

This is the “new year” . . . for new: we can choose whether to be together with the whole Universe or to continue to be ourselves (as the individual who goes by your name) but alone, in our separation; we can be with other people, many people or family but it is still separation/alone–or, we can be the true Self–the whole. The problem we create with understanding “new” is that we base everything on comparison, we automatically compare, therefore it is in relativity and so it is old; for the new there can be no comparison, for understanding new we have to “upgrade our systems.”

We can’t “stay” with our Being really because that is an action, so we have to Stay with what is not us by watching or knowing our actions until we can more clearly see what our True Self is . . . or understand more what it is to be our True Self.

The core of meditation is, “I know ‘I am.’” . . . that is awareness, it is freedom area. The second choice is, we choose one state, for example, “Win” and then don’t think, “But I don’t want to lose . . . ” because the Universe responds accordingly in mixed fashion and we can “lose” since the base is, “Maybe I can lose.”

The knower IS here-now; at first it is the relativity “knower,” we have no choice, we have to begin there, then later it is the true knower which is the same as here-now; but don’t think about that now, it will just cause confusion/chaos, first just be “the knower.”

[Note: experiment]: 1) “Now we do . . . watching . . . don’t touch, don’t fix . . . just, ‘Ah, I know . . . I am in misery state or in heaven state, etc.’”

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